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Have you ever noticed how cleaning your entire home always seems to go unfinished all because you seem to go back from the start every time you skip a part? Well, worry no more — our home cleaning professionals at Juana Cleaning Services are here to help clean your home in City of Orange, NJ. Each house cleaner has received the highest form of training to thoroughly clean your home. Are you ready to leave the dirt in your home in the hands of a professional? Let’s get started!

Our Services

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning your home thoroughly is often not possible for homeowners that also lead busy careers. That's why we offer our expertise, so you don't have to lift a single finger during the weekend. Give in to a completely relaxing weekend instead as you recuperate your strength from a busy work week when hiring our team. 
Basic Cleaning

Basic Cleaning

If you simply need someone to go over your usual everyday chores, then we can also do that. Our affordable house cleaning aims at cleaning each surface, bathroom, carpet, and more. With our assistance, you can spend more time with your children as much as you can. After all, they're never this young again. So make it count.
Move-out Cleaning

Move-out Cleaning

As you move into your new place, you need to get your old place cleaned up first. But if you're too busy to do that yourself, you can always consider booking our quality cleaning service as you move out. This way, you can simply focus on adjusting to your new life and the stress of moving to a new location. Leave us to do the cleaning.
Post Construction Cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Have you ever inhaled that strong smell of paint or dust as you enter a newly constructed or renovated office or building? It often makes you squeeze, right? If you don't want this occurring to your guests, you can always turn to us for help. Book our trustworthy cleaning service when it comes to clearing off the debris in the new edifice.

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Relax and Let Us Do Your Chore

We don’t want you getting stressed during the weekend, in addition to the stress you’ve accumulated during the work week. That is why we are here to do your chore immediately. You can give in to a fully relaxing weekend when you hire our cleaning experts to assume your permanent daily chore. That way, you don’t need to get distracted, you only need to focus on re-energizing yourself and recovering your energy from all the stress you’ve gone through.

How Do We Perfect Our Process?

Each of our house cleaners has been thoroughly trained with the right techniques, tools to use, skills, and a whole lot more to leave no dirt unclean. Our clients in City of Orange, NJ are familiar with how thorough our procedure is when it comes to cleaning and how dedicated our professionals are to eradicating any sign of this dirt or bacteria that might become the breeding ground for specific diseases.

If you are looking for a quality home cleaning company that can save you from all the dirt that is surrounding you and your family daily, don’t hesitate to reach out to Juana Cleaning Services today!

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professional cleaning

by Christine W. on Juana Cleaning Services
A Service Worth Trusting

They are a trustworthy cleaning service! I was their client since 2018, and their quality has never changed, not even one bit. Even better, some of their services have even improved and I am honestly impressed and thankful. This company has always been my go-to cleaning company ever since I got busy doing a lot of overtime on my work projects. Thanks for keeping my house clean!

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